We Bring Brands To Life

At MSM, we don’t simply make booths or host events.  We create experiences that people get involved in, interact with, talk about and remember.  After all, your tradeshow exhibit is one of the most important ways your audience will ever engage with your brand.

Going Big: For Cisco Live 2013, MSM created a 120x34ft overhead canopy featuring fabric images plus three huge 10x20ft LED screens, all designed to immerse attendees in the sights and sounds of the client’s new brand-the Internet of Everything.

Tasting is Believing: When we started working with PepsiCo, we recommended that they hire brand ambassadors and start serving their products on wearable trays instead of tables to engage attendees through sampling and conversation.

A Touch of Magic:  For Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, we showcased their new “Results Matter” brand campaign using a state-of-the-art liquid crystal display screen that magically transforms from opaque to transparent.

Hitting the Runway: Bringing photography to life in an irresistible way, we staged a live model fashion show for Kodak. Yes, it was the hit you’d imagine it to be.