Mirror Show Management Invests in Women in Our Community

Each year, Mirror Show Management chooses a new and unique way to invest in women in our community.  This year, we are choosing to join The Leadership Circle to support the Young Women’s College Prep (YWCP) Charter School of Rochester.  YWCP offers young women from the city of Rochester the opportunity to learn in a single gender environment, free from stereotypes, where a strong focus is placed on preparation for college enrollment and graduation.  High expectations and evidence of concrete results define the student’s academic experience.  Educators commit to and thrive upon sharing effective practices within and beyond the school building.  YWCP partners with families and instills in each student a sense of community, responsibility and ethics.  We are proud to support these students in their endeavors to achieve excellence in and out of the classroom, helping them to develop the strong voices they will need to be leaders.  For more information about the school, visit http://www.youngwomenscollegeprep.org